DEXXBLUE, which makes customer satisfaction its basic principle; by showing due diligence in line with customer supply-demand and legal requirements in industry and service sectors; Engineering and Consulting Services to Industry and Service Sector; Type Approval & COP Testing and Services, Production and Sales of Harmful Nitrogen Reducing Agent (AUS 32) for Diesel Engines; It has managed to become one of the leading companies in Vehicle Superstructure Conversion and Trailer (trailer and semi-trailer), Serial Modification, Manufacturing, Assembly and After Sales Services. To this end

* To comply with legal requirements and Ministry of Health regulations,

* To provide better and higher quality service to our customers by establishing good and solid dialogues with our customers, keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level,

* To provide quality products / services and on time delivery,

* To continuously improve our production and production methods,

* Not to compromise on cleanliness and hygiene with good production practices, to provide the necessary infrastructure,

* To make all our employees adopt as a basic duty not to endanger the health and safety of themselves, other employees and visitors with the help of necessary information and training,

* Establishing a culture of prevention by systematically making and reviewing risk assessments and environmental impact assessments related to possible dangerous situations and behaviors within the scope of all our activities, preventing occupational accidents and environmental pollution,

* Within the scope of all our activities, to evaluate our recyclable wastes, to reduce the use of limited natural resources, to take the necessary measures to prevent pollution caused by wastes harmful to the environment,

* It serves in accordance with the criteria of ensuring continuous improvement without compromising the standards of Quality, OHS & Environmental Management Systems.